Cancer is serious business

Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, M.D, Ph.D, has been treating cancer patients for years and is in FDA Clinical Trials, but they are not letting him have an easy time at it. Much work has been done to label him as a ‘quack’ and discredit his work, however for the literally thousands of patients he has helped this could not be further from the truth.
Below is the trailer for the documentary shedding some light on the situation at hand:

Look at this clown

Guy is walking around with tens of thousands of dollars of gear, that must be so frigging heavy! With all this overkill, it’s quite certain that he’ll have a hard time getting that shot he’s after… Although maybe I’m mistaken, and he’s some sort of Uberdextrous Superphotographer 😀

Die Antwoord – Straight outta Cape Town

My brother showed me this group called Die Antwoord, basically making “concept art hip-hop.” From what I can gather they are recieving mixed reviews from their homeland… Some saffers apparently consider them a national disgrace. This could be because in their video for “Enter the Ninja,” their lead man starts off by saying that he represents South African Culture, coupled with their excessive swearing in Afrikaans and “Trashy” image. Well whatever the case, I certainly won’t be mistaking this for run-of-the-mill South-African Culture because it’s over-the-top, but in a good way and a breath of fresh air actually, I find myself watching these on a regular just to absorb the emanating Zef… Watch the interview at the end to get some sort of a feeling for what this is supposed to mean, maybe you will like them, maybe you wont. I, for one, find them somehow strangely inspirational 🙂

Enter The Ninja

What Pomp

Zef Side

Interview with Die Antwoord

  • It’s like in a video game, when you reach like, the next level, thats basically Zef—Zef is the next level.
  • We’ve been fucking with lots of different music before, .., I tapped into my inner Zef, and, something happened to us personally, Yolandi was also like feeling that… fucken’ experience, and we created music based on that experience. We put it onto the interwebs *pew* faster than the speed of light that experience was transferred. Sorry to sound trippy but it is. It’s fucking trippy.
  • We represent South African Style, we like to show things from here that you won’t get anywere else. It’s like A grade, Export Quality Shit.
  • Die Antwoord represents the Common Man, the man on the streets, the bottom of the fucking level… thats what we kind of relate to, you know? That funkyness, we like to show that and portray that.

Toronto G20 Summit – Why Protest?

Because this whole “globalization” nonsense is just a race to the bottom for humanity, a senseless pursuit of money & power for the elites, the biggest hinderance to humankind imaginable… We’re selling out to the cheapest bidder and in the process, polluting our world, our bodies and our minds when so much more is possible for us. Our jobs are being sold out overseas where penny-wages are paid and conditions are appaling. We are not at fault because I think we are living in a matrix of sorts, a matrix of corporations and big interests and many people are completely unawares that they are in a system, because of the lifelong conditioning and being so burdened with their living condition and cannot see beyond it. On a greater scale however, things are starting to become apparent for many people: things as they are going bad for the human condition. When we focus on things like celebrity scams & bedroom shams, how blinged out we are to the world, always making sure that the tv is on to whatever, we lose sight of what the real root of the problem is, and how much power we do actually hold. We are bombarded with so much media concentration in our lives and they have a message to sell you. Righteously though, the airwaves and the media belong to the people, not a slowly conglomerating cannibalizing aggregate of corporations.

If you can be told what you see, hear and read, then it goes to say that you can be told what you say and think. And this is very dangerous when it comes to such a prevalent thing like the media being controlled by a few key players. Culture should be made from the bottom up, from the people, not top down like we have in our modern world. How many commercial jingles, television episodes and senseless movies are ingrained into the public mind? Not that movies and television are a bad thing, modern media is the most amazing teaching tool ever known to us. But on a bigger picture, the current mass media saturation does have a hidden message and provides a distraction from the issues at hand. We even have evidence that even cartoon violence reduces empathy, I often wonder why so often we see such excessive violence in everyday shows and the majority of video game titles related to killing. Is it that this reduces our overall empathy to others through repeated exposure? When we have arms manufacturers owning public news and media outlets it is alarming at what absolute power unchecked can come to as we hear of the increasing death toll from both sides of the conflict. We allow this to happen when we blindly follow leaders and their promises. These backroom deals need to stop, for with them we are on the losing end of the bargain.

While the media creates a sensation on the wildness and the dangers of the protest(ers?), amidst tightening security to martial-law like status, the vast, vast majority of the protesters that are popping out of the woodwork are understanding of the urgency of the cause, the need for peaceful progress towards a saner global policy. Our democracy and freedom is non existant with the unfolding situation at hand. How are things democratic when our democratically elected laws can be challenged, such as the W.T.Os first ruling to eliminate the United States Clean Air Act, because Brazil and Venezuela complained because it was a barrier to free trade. Furthermore, the problem is compounded when you think that some corporations are more powerful than many countries, being therefore able to exert their influence over them. The amount of corruption possible and rampant in this system is not what the lord intended for us, be that the case. It is up to us to either succumb to it or stand up and fight for something worth dying for… and the problem is not “Global Warming” or “Climate Change,” and even if it was then the solution to that would not be slow-deathy-by-taxation like we are being told by the mass media. Why don’t you stop fighting your wars, I’m sure that flying huge jets, bombers, carriers, launching missiles, satellites, dropping bombs, blowing up people, trees and places is doing a lot more damage to the earth and air than some old cars and SUV’s are doing-We’re not paying for your nonsense, especially when it involves you planting seeds of hatred, fear and loathing to the world, be it in the Iraqi kid who just saw his brother get killed or the teenage girl who will never feel like she can live up to the images she sees on TV.

Some people will say that we are dreamers and crazy, or that we are young and idealists with no idea of how the real world is, that that’s the way it is and it’s going to be, politicians lie cheat and steal-I need work & pay off my credit card bill and by the time that you’re all settled down with everything you’ll see the same. Well that’s Stockholm Syndrome, where a hostage will identify and sympathize with his captor, plain and simple. In the words of Margaret Mead:

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

They understand the amount of blood, sweat and tears that their greed requires and stand unflinching at that, but they are scared because they know that their system requires our submission for it to come to fruition. We have the power to break, or make this. We can have our voices heard, we can give them as little of our money as possible, we can refuse to submit and take a stand, for the people who did so before and the generations that are yet to come. We can educate ourselves and reclaim what is rightfully ours-freedom!

Some Recent Thoughts & Whats Happening

So I am currently in London at my Parents place. It’s always awesome to come home and visit! Nothing like a Mom and a Moms cooking 😉 I miss my family including our dogs and cat I love the family pets they are adorable and funny 😀 I’ve also been finishing up the book “Angelas Ashes” by Frank McCourt and if anyone would like a good read then check it out. It especially makes you think of moms and how much they go through… moms of the world oh thank you for everything you put up with and for everything you do! The book is also really, funny but often at the same time, quite sad. It really makes you appreciate what you have 🙂

I have two friends currently in BC for holidays, to Ski and for the Olympics. It looks like they’re having a wicked time and it’s great motivation to go out and try something new again. The pictures of the mountains made me drool! I am not obligated to stay in Etobicoke and I feel like I’m not doing much for myself while there, it’s not really even nice to look at. I mean the parks and the Humber River is amazing but really, thats about it. Not having a car makes it worse.  I’m yearning for life beyond Etobicoke.

My brother had to go off to work today. Yesterday we checked out the London Motorcycle Show and it was pretty decent, I got to re-energize my passion for motorcycles! And how much I’ve missed the joy of two wheels and a motor and everything that comes with it.  I had a good time looking at the vintatge bikes: recently I saw ‘The Fastest Indian‘ and it made me have a bit more respect for an ‘older generation’ of gas–powered goodness. A particularly interesting chopper that I saw had a machine-gun mounted on it, and I lamented to my brother that it would only be kickass if it worked. Well thankfully I was not dissapointed, the creator of the bike assured me that the gun did shoot .22 bullets and I found the video on youtube thanks to their website.  I also got to try out a Trials bike –  a little dirtbike type machine but with no seat and made for-surprise-trials! It’s a sport where conquering a course with obstacles is the goal, and putting your feet down or falling ends up costing you points. It’s about balance, technique and style as opposed to speed and I’ve always been intrigued by those funky bikes and it was great being able to get a bit of a feel for them. The other thing that I love about motorcycles is the people – it’s nice seeing various ‘different’ groups of people, all with different tastes, styles, attitudes and from all different walks of life but we’re all brought together by the feeling that we get when we ride, because it is such a feeling. Going on a motorcycle trip is so different than a regular road trip and for reasons greater than just the obvious. This summer I hope to be able to do some sort of motorcycle adventure with my brother, Patrick…. it`s been far too long…

Riding through Texas in 2003