New Years 2011 – Shakti Collective pres. Future Bound 2011

Shakti Collective presents Future Bound 2011

Mystic Ballroom

*1st time in North America*
SOLID SNAKE [Tribal Vision Records, Sweden] – Live PA!

Solid Snake is a new project of Omar Chelly and Anders Rosengren from Malmoe, Sweden.
No wonder if Omar’s name sounds familiar to you – as he was until recently one half of the legendary Swedish project Tegma, one of the leading acts on the Scandinavian progressive trance scene.
Anders has been producing mainly chillout since the beginning of the millenium and was a co-owner of now defunct trance label Star Jelly Records.
In 2008, Omar and Anders decided to work on a common project that would bring back an old school sound of Scando progressive mixed with fresh ideas and modern production. The result was the debut album of Solid Snake, ”Unleashed”, released in late summer 2009, on one of the major labels of progressive trance, Tribal Vision Records.
The album was quickly hailed as one of the best releases of the year and received support from the scene’s leading dj’s. Since then the duo has been working on new material, releasing on respectable labels such as Iboga and Iono and many more releases are on the way. They have also started playing in parties and festivals all over the world. Watch out for this promising duo!

EKOPLEX [Ektoplazm Records, Canada] – Live PA!

Ekoplex is Ray Vincent, a multifaceted psytrance producer currently based in Toronto, Canada. His chosen style can be described as atmospheric psytrance ranging from 136 to 148 BPM. With an arsenal of heavy rolling beats for the dead of night, ethereal offerings for sunrise, and slower grooves for afternoon or early evening, Ekoplex is comfortable performing at any time. Over the years, Ekoplex has developed a visually engaging live setup that features a MIDI-controlled guitar and keyboard combination, thus ensuring that every performance is unique. Ekoplex has been thrilling dance floors across Canada for more than half a decade, playing at many major festivals and indoor events, Eclipse 2006 being one of his biggest shows to date.
In early 2007, Ekoplex rocketed to the top of the Cytopia sales charts with Castle In The Mountain, a song that combines crunchy techtrance rhythms with glistening melodic highs. In 2008 he made his formal debut with the Enter The Dragon EP released on Ektoplazm. Since then, Ray has released 2 albums: Journey Of The Turtle and Creatures of The Forest. Get ready, as dancefloors are never still to Ekoplex’s live sets!

Lexicon [Drumlore Records, Shakti Collective, Victoria BC]

Plan B [Shakti Collective, Canada]

Zaga [Glinzink, Canada/Mexico]

Shankar [Tribal Vision, Shakti Collective, Canada]

Mandelbrot [Zenon Records, Shakti Collective, Toronto]

Machinelf [Timewave, Toronto]

Ron Jon [Oya Collective, Ottawa]


RAY VINCENT [Ektoplazm Records, Canada] – Live PA!

OSCOURO [Fractaltribe, Boston, USA]

NML VGTBL MNRL [Toronto]- Live PA +Visuals
Mike will present his new album material!!!

Reegan [Upbeat Connection, Ottawa]

DBoom [Kismet, Toronto]

Hans Ohm [Light, Archi-Textures, Toronto]

Kadmon [Solar Groove Network, One Love Movement, Toronto]

Fever [OYA Collective, Peterborough]


Neuromantix [Toronto]
Ivygrrl [Shakti Collective, Toronto]