Noisia – Split the Atom

I was recently perusing my Youtube account when a friend of mine favourited this video, to which I followed suit. It’s a music video for Noisias new release Split the Atom.

The video starts out with a shot of a bathtub filling up with a black liquid, out of which comes a woman who ‘sees it all.’ After viewing the video a few times, I think she comes to symbolize is Mother Earth, who like in the video, coalesced out of the void. Eventually, after witnessing all that we as a race are allowing to happen to this planet, she gets frustrated and eventually returns to the state before our consciousness inhabited the planet.

The imagery used in the video is very strong, ranging from dinosaurs, the pyramids to Ghandi, the moon landing, Locomotives and of course, Atom Bombs: the theme of the track. In an age of expanding global conciousness and understanding of our relationship to this Earth, this is a well-executed concept. Please be aware and excited that the video contains some nudity, if you happen to be browsing this at work.

Noisia – Split the Atom (HD)