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I created this blog to share my ideas and inspiration with the world: Who could pass up such a wonderful medium to organize, share, mull over and generally build on ideas, concepts, movements and whatever.

I hope my findings and insights may help in any way possible. One of the things that make the Internet so great is the collaboration that it can foster. This is certainly a fantastic time to be alive: we are seeing innovation and technology grow in such dynamic and earth–changing ways in an increasingly compounding and quickening process. While not all of this technological innovation and change is necessarily healthy for the planet, we are awakening from our unwillingness to match the consequences of our actions to the fact that we only have one home and we each share it… we are rediscovering just how intertwined and co–dependent life is on our terrestrial–home and the internet is helping spread the word, change policies, solicit input from the public, elect real leaders and countless other things which within a generation will likely become the defacto way of doing things.

We are on the bandwagon, but this bandwagon can be steered by the voice of the many as opposed to the voice of the few, however we are seeing a movement to have the web made into a more tier-like structure. Can we really let something with so much potential be stricken of its promise? Once you open the door to giving priority to the highest bidder, the playing field is tipped and the common individual is left without a voice. Culture is created from the bottom up, and not spoon fed top down from the media, or at least should be. The Internet is enabling desktop publishing to a whole new scale, and it is moving far beyond family pictures, band reviews and how-to guides… We’re knitting a giant mosaic that can aid in fixing the worlds problems. Call me an idealist/dreamer but I have a lot of hope for humanity, and just because it’s always been a hard, dog-eat-dog violent struggle throughout our history, it ain’t got to be like that!


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