This site clearly is the personal site of Maciej (Martin) Lach. It enables me have a personal place-of-residence for my geeky and not-so-geeky passions to share with the world. I am very greatful for the WordPress foundation for helping make this possible!

About Maciej Lach

I was born in a small but beautiful city named Torun, Poland. I’ve been living in Canada since three, my parents having emigrated Poland in October 1987 to escape Soviet-era Communism and fled to Stuttgart, Germany, and eventually to London, Ontario where we settled down. Have you, months after we leave, the Polish Round Table Agreement finishes the work started by the Solidarity movement in the Gdansk shipyards. This brought an end to an era and ushered in a new one. My brother Patrick was born in October of that year in London, Ontario.

I enjoy traveling, as there is no better way to broaden your view of the world than to see it first hand. My previous travels have included England, France, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Germany, Poland, The Czech Republic, and much of the States and Canada. My favourite place so far would have to be London, England although I still have to visit many places. Some places I would love to travel are Australia & New Zealand, Sweden, Goa, Argentina and Hong Kong.

In my spare time I enjoy browsing the internet, creating websites, animations and visualizations, making electronic beats and taking photos. The digital age is certainly upon us! Other interests include mountain biking, snowboarding, motorcycles(I LOVE motorcycles!), reading, dogs, cats and sugar gliders, the outdoor life and of course food is great, especially if it’s something good for you. I believe in “you are what you eat” and although I’m not a spartan or anything I try my best to eat healthy. I enjoy a variety of dishes and generally have quite the appetite… om nom nom!

On this page you will find various quotes, links both near and far ranging from the informational to the inspirational. Also included are my photographs from throughout the past few years and other examples of my work.

About martinlach.ca – Specifiques Teqniques

This site is running off WordPress and using a modified version of the Empty Canvas theme. The photos area is running a modified version of PhpGraphy to make it run with WordPress. I made phpgraphy my bitch, and it still runs slow after all the work.. but what can you say? This site is always going to be a work in progress.

Greets/Cheers everyone,