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  1. Hey buddy!!

    Hope you are doing good man! It has been awhile, i wasn’t sure how to get int touch with you as i dont have your no. or email id…If you are reading this msg then i would like to get in touch n chill sometime! Wishing you a progressive and joyful new year pal! Good luck with your endeavors!

    Much love from a bro,

  2. Mystical Martin:)

    just saying that brings a smile to my face. I cannot believe how long it has been since I’ve been able to sit cross legged with out and chat. I really miss you. I hope all is well and that life is taking you on a beautiful trip. Hopefully our paths with cross again soon. I’m really glad to see I was able to find your website:) Message me whenever you can, love to hear what your up to.

    much love- meg petty:)

  3. Hi there Martin! Just stopped by to see if your Burning Man pictures were up yet, you took a lovely shot of us one night in front of a sound camp, and we can’t wait to see it, aling with all your other undoubtedly beautiful pictures from the week! Hope this finds you well, yoyr motorcycle adventures look incredible!

  4. Hey buddy:-) Way to fight those fires!!!! I was wondering where the world took you after your stop-over in Ontario. I have started to make moves towards starting my own website and thought I would have a look at yours. Thank you for the inspiration, friend! Your website is great, keep taking those pictures! Much love to you xoxo

  5. Don’t know if you like deep house, but it’s 4:01 here in Nelson and I’m chillin with my kitty and listening to this track.
    peace out!

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